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  1. Hello, I'm curious if it's possible to make an effect blood screen(texture) after fall from height? In vanilla I've this effect: I have only bloody screen after shot, but I don't know how to make this effect after fall from height. Can anyone help?
  2. I've strange problem, because I noticed after long time, that I don't have postprocess effect(white screen, noise etc) when I'm in radiation zone and when I'm staying near gravi anomaly. I have files in "anims" folder. I delete all anims files(I thought, that vanilla files will work correctly- nothing). I have normal texture in fx/noise_2 etc...I'm playing with Hidden Paths I(addon to Новый Сюжет 5).
  3. Vandrerer

    DMX MOD - bolts in equipment

    Ok, I'll explain- since one year I'm modding(audio/graphics/weather system/some gameplay improvements/weapons etc) modification from AMK called Call Of Monolith - Hidden Paths I. For example, this movie shows that modification(it's not my version, just "vanilla" mod): I'll release my refreshed version(gamedata has 5gb already, but I think that won't be much bigger) after Lost Alpha release, and I want cut off some things from DMX Mod 1.3.4 to Hidden Paths I(Ukryte Ścieżki in polish). That's all, really. Lot of things in DMX Mod are really awesome, and I want only them in Call Of Monolith- Hidden Paths :-) I wrote about these bolts, but I'm afraid that it's too difficult for me, so- nevermind. But there is one thing which I really want from DMX... Sounds of breath when I'm wearing mercenary suit/exo/science etc. I don't want helmets, just breathing sound when I'm wearing outfits. I looked for responsible scripts and I've found- hidden_slots.script(14 line has name of .ogg file - gasmask.idle.ogg). And now, I'm not sure, what I have to do- copy this script file to my gamedata and add some line to bind_stalker.script? Is there anyone who can help me? I'll be very thankly! Best regards, Vandrerer
  4. How can I add to my SoC(Hidden Paths 1 mod) limit of bolts and possibility of lifting them from the ground?
  5. Hi there, I would like to know, which script/files/configs are responsible for hidden hands of Strielok after use medkit/bandages etc. I have sounds of these things, and work correctly, but I don't know how can I put it in Call Of Monolith: Hidden Paths I mod. Somebody have any idea? :-) I'll be very thankly!
  6. Hello,my name is Vandrerer, and I'm living in Poland, so sorry that I'm not using russian language...hope, that it's not problem. I hope, that somebody will help me because I'm very determined :)Somebody could tell me, which files/scripts or something like that are responsible for great recoil in DMX Mod(mod for Narodnaya Solyanka). I mean when I'm shooting- camera shakeing not only upside/down but horizontally too...I tried everything- weapons meshes, configs, scripts, anims...I can't find it. I want to move it to Call Of Monolith: Hidden Paths I(my favourite SoC's mod!). I'm very sad, because it's really great effect and I want it in COM:HP1. Hope, that you understood my request...I'm waiting with impatience of any suggestions and instructions!Thank you very much and best regards from Poland,Vandrerer


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