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    Rahul Sharma
  • Город
    Yamunanagar, India
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    STALKER and other games, Ham Radio VU3RiH, cooking, camping and all that.

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  1. rahul_does

    AMK Mod - General Discussion

    Yesterday I reached "Yanter: The capital of Crashes for AMK" (as I read somewhere). The loading of the QuickSave 'invariably' crashes the game. A hard save also, most of the times, crashes. I am trying to kill all the Zombified soldiers before entering the bunker so that it is easier, when that chap comes out for measurements. There is that PseudoGiant-Electro-Animal (one like the one in the tunnel where we find the "Family Rifle" who just refuses to die: 100+ bullets from AK and MP5 and 3 defensive grenades, right under his balls but, he keeps running around and sending th
  2. rahul_does

    AMK Mod - General Discussion

    This is my main issue. What defines a stash/blue-box as "neglected" enough as to mark it safe from theft? As a simple human being, I need that ONE secure place that I call home. https://www.reddit.com/r/stalker/comments/dyjptc/stalker_autumn_edition_with_amk_or_is_it_the/ As per the informational page, here, NPC can and do clean up boxes and stashes, I have read! How to decide that the place is "neglected" enough? Any suggestions. @V1ld, I am running 3.0 and 1.4.1 Save game and experiment?


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