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  1. I know, Ringer, but it's so time consuming and difficult. Maybe one day you'll get to see me replaying my favorite mods in Russian.
  2. I guess I will try it out and you can let me if you can understand what it translates. Unfortunately I only speak English at the moment. -------------------------------------- Я думаю, что я попробую это, и вы можете позволить мне, если вы можете понять, что это переводит. К сожалению, сейчас я говорю только по-английски.
  3. Yes, the language barrier has been very difficult to deal with as I try to interact with the Eastern community and play their mods, but there is so much to play and I've met a lot of nice people. Personally, I use the DeepL translator to translate from RU -> ENG. Sometimes I also use Yandex Translate. Has Google translate really improved that much? I hardly use it anymore, but it sounds like I should be giving it a second chance. Thank you both for the welcome, I very much appreciate it. My desire is one day to create an environment where both the Eastern and Western community can both participate in, I've slowly been progressing towards this and it's going quite well. Turns out there are a lot of western players who would love to play more Eastern mods, however translation is always an issue. I hope by acknowledging each other in the future mod makers will take more steps towards reaching out to us.
  4. I have been lurking here for a while, silent since I do not speak russian, but I wanted to ask a question to everyone. What do you think of the Western STALKER community? We exist - and our community is quite small in comparison, and it's really hard to find likeminded STALKERs who want to play mods that aren't the bogstandard CoC fork. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Я прятался здесь некоторое время, молчал, потому что я не говорю по-русски, но я хотел задать вопрос всем. Что вы думаете о западном сообществе STALKER? Мы существуем - и наше сообщество сравнительно небольшое по сравнению с ним, и очень сложно найти единомышленников STALKER, которые хотят играть в моды, которые не являются стандартным CoC-форком.
  5. @Expropriator, Thank you friend for the reply. I will figure this out when the mod is ready then, spasibo.
  6. How many changes does the mod make to the texts and dialogue? I would like to be able to merge the English localization of Clear Sky to this mod when it is complete, so I can introduce it to the English community.
  7. Hello) See you)



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