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  1. in an effort to curb down on human NPC's, im trying to change many of the pre-existing smart terrain lagers to mutant lairs. So far I have done this: 1)changed the smart terrain presets to allow every mutant and NPC rank to be available in any location(e.g Cordon now allows pseudogiants/poltergeists, master loners, etc) in smart_terrain_presets_ltx, located in config misc 2)Edited out alife.01.escape.ltx . just as an example I will use the esc_2_smart_stalker_exit(entrance to garbage smart terrain), and instead of populating it with stalkers i want it populated by snorks. cse_abstract properties section_name = smart_terrain name = esc2_smart_stalker_exit position = 14.5439586639404,16.2438507080078,673.396240234375 direction = 0.0208850298076868,0,0 ; cse_alife_object properties game_vertex_id = 206 distance = 7 level_vertex_id = 292783 object_flags = 0xffffff3e custom_data = <<END [smart_terrain] type = general_lair(changed to lair from lager) cond = {+agroprom_military_case_have} capacity = 5 communities = snork(changed from stalker to snork) groups = 4 finally i changed the function checkStalker in gulag_escape.script in the gamedate scripts folder to spawn snorks instead of stalkers. if gulag_type == "esc_ambush" then return npc\_community == "snork" instead of bandit/stalker npcs So it removes the smart terrain altogether( means Im doing something , but now nothing is spawning there or wants to go in there,


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