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  1. Here's a public, always up-to-date, git repo of u3shaders: u3shaders - git repo
  2. Happy Birthday!

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    С днем рождения!:)

  4. С Днем Рождения! :)

  5. RvP

    hapy birthday ;)

  6. Сталкер-кровосос https://www.youtube.com/embed/YGfStvCwOuk <<народ>>
  7. Those 3 sets of settings were present in the first release only... Now it's set up for somewhere between medium and highest settings. Just enter the settings in the user.ltx file, as suggested, and then go to your config menu in the game and modify as you need. UPDATE: Reuploaded and refreshed the link.
  8. There were few things which just had to be changed... can't remember now of this exactly thing, but it has to be checked on every weather - the most problematic ones were heavy fog and a sunrise. Just check if the sun isn't glaring through the buildings... If not - then it's good I was searching for that bug for quite a long time and made many, many changes - probably some of them unneccessary That would be a nice idea, but you have to remember that a weather system can't be just put into any mod.... it won't work, unfortunately. But you're right, it's all about a weather - and settings in user.ltx.
  9. In the first post you have the recommended settings for user.ltx, just use them
  10. Well, you're right, there're minimal differences between r2_sun_near 20 and 12, they're slightly more detailed. Thanks for the tip
  11. So... finally I've managed to fix the shadows Below are some screenshots. The download link is in the first post.
  12. While you're fully correct of course, this mod is known in Poland as "Call of Monolith" from its very beginning, for some reasons... So we decided to left this title to not confuse people - and in Poland everyone knows that this is right this mod from here
  13. I am proud to announce we have released a polish version of "Тайные Тропы". Apart from the translation, we have put some small tweaks in scripts (AI and so on), configs, textures, shaders and so on It can be found here. The promo video can be found . Thanks a lot dan, antreg, Ruvin, AMK Team and all the rest of you here
  14. It means that in your acdc.pl, in section_to_class table, explosive_barrel has a wrong class set - or eventually one item before it in this table.


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