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  1. AMK 2.0 FAQ

    Q: When is the approximate release date? A: Autumn of 2009. Q: There won’t be massive fights like in Clear Sky, will there? Well, at least that won’t be the ultimate goal of the game? A: Certainly not. Q: Will there be new characters with unique dialogs and not just quests and loot? A: Yes, there will. We will also introduce new quests and loot. Q: What would the difficulty be comparing to AMK 1.4.1? A: AMK 2.0 will be more difficult. Q: 2.0 starts as soon as the O-conscience is destroyed, therefore it’s freeplay. It must mean that Marked One would have another task. What would it be? A: At this point we decided not to introduce a new storyline, which doesn’t mean the new storyline won’t appear at all. If we start working on it now, it will simply take too much time - we won’t release the mod in time for next winter. We will probably start working on the new storyline as soon as 2.0 is released. Q: Are there going to be new maps? And if yes, would you make them yourselves or are you going to use maps created by GSC or other modders? Same question about character models. A: Preliminary map list for 2.0: Rostok Limansk Second Garbage (from Build 1935) Abandoned Village Dead City Red Forrest Generators Q: Where are the electric chimaeras gone? A: We simply find the idea of this monster silly. That’s the only reason for cutting it out. Q: So is there going to be a new monster, equally dangerous? A: We haven’t thought of that yet. Q: Are you planning any changes in textures and sounds? A: If we have time - why not? Q: Are the shaders going to be editable? And what about the particles? A: We can’t say much about shaders yet. There are certainly going to be new particles. Q: Will there be any changes in the AI of NPCs? And, if yes, what will the be? A: We plan to introduce some changes. We can’t really say what it’ll turn out to be, however we do think that our ideas are good. Well, at least we hope so. Q: What is the atmosphere of the game going to become? A: We think it’ll be more interesting. Q: Any changes on anomalies? A: There will be some new ones, plus some of the existing anomalies will undergo some changes. Q: You said the game will be more difficult. Does it mean that enemy NPCs will just kill the main character with two pistol shots or something like that? A: No, it doesn’t. Q: Will you work on Duty and Freedom? New quests etc. A: We will enable you to fully join these factions and receive certain privileges as a result. Q: Will there be any new location transfer points? For example, from the Institute to Yantar? A: Maybe. Q: Will we be able to normally interact with Duty if we’ve joined Freedom? A: Don’t think so, as it kind of ruins the whole concept of factions. Q: Are you planning any changes on the Chernobyl NPP map? A: Yes, we are. You will be able to access this map at any point in the game. Q: Will the offline trade between NPCs become more noticeable? A: We will completely rewrite the offline trade scripts and try to make the whole event more interesting. Q: Are the artefacts going to be more important for the game? And what is the general situation with the artefacts. A: Yes, we will increase the importance of artefacts. Also, their respawn is now more adequate and they’re only visible from 20 meter distance. Q: Will you alter any of the original maps? A: Not just yet. Q: Will you add rain effects like in Clear Sky? A: No. Q: Will you get rid of alcohol addiction if the main character drinks too much? A: We think so. Q: How difficult would it be to adapt mods for AMK 1.4.1 to the new version? A: You’ll have to completely rewrite all the scripts. Also, the old AMK tools are not gonna be there anymore + the configs will need to be updated, too. Q: What about the size of the mod? A: The current development version is about 500 mb. Q: Is that with textures included? A: No. Q: Will there be a feature of Marked One getting robbed in his sleep? A: No. Q: Are the weapons and armour going to be upgradeable? A: Perhaps. Q: Will you continue with the idea of ‘cooking’ new artefacts? A: Yes. We will also change the method of creating new artefacts and add new corresponding quests. Q: What resources of CS will we be able to use? A: Textures for certain. Q: What about the ‘all-seeing’ BTRs? A: They are going to be removed. Q: Any new weapons? A: No. We’re sure that you’d be able to use one of dozens of the existing weapon mods. Q: Is the sleep going to be kept as it is now or will you change it to STALKER 2004-2006 like (sleep accessed through the menu instead of a sleeping bag) A: The sleep will either be kept as it is or changed a tiny bit. Q: Are you planning on adding any features that were cut out by GSC? A: We are not intending to do so. Our intention is to move forward, not concentrate too much on the past. Q: Are the system requirements going to rise? A: No, they’ll stay the same. Well, maybe the processor will be more pressurized, but that’s a common case with any mod. Q: Are you going to bring back any monsters that have been cut out? Zombies, cats, izloms... A: Zombies for certain. Q: I want to start freeplay as soon as I begin the game. Will I be able to do that? A: You won’t be able to access freeplay immediately after starting a new game. Freeplay will only become accessible after you destroy the O-Conscience. Q: What about the dynamic news system? A: We will definitely keep it and 2.0 will receive its improved version. Q: Will you add any other third-party mods into AMK? A: Probably not. Q: Are you going to add new items, such as food? A: Yes. Q: And what about the Zone population? Are you going to reduce the number of stalkers? A: Even if we will, there won’t be a huge change. Q: What atmosphere are you aiming to get? A: We are aiming to produce a dangerous and mysterious Zone. Q: Will the spawn of NPCs be less frequent? A: Yes, it will. Q: How frequently are you going to supply us with updates on the development process? A: As frequently as we possibly can. We’ll try to post news more often than last year. Q: Are you going to add support for vehicles? A: Never! Q: Ok, but are there going to be new traders? A: Sure. Put together by Shadow Tony. Translated by Vizzy.
  2. У Костра I-III

    А разве слово "сука" - мат? Хе-хе. Вполне себе литературно.
  3. У Костра I-III

    Это тот пользователь, которого лично я банил 15 раз. И еще Тони парочку
  4. AMK-EN sources

    It works, yes. So if you don't mind quite a few Russian lines - yes, it is playable.
  5. AMK-EN sources

    AMK is not dependent on 1.0004 at all, it's just the way it's done. I've moved AMK onto new patch because several people have been asking foк that and I thought... Why not? If you could provide a link or something like that with the article or news about GSC withdrawing 1.0006, that would be quite helpful, thanks.
  6. БАНЯ

    czycko15 - бан на 100 лет ровно. Клон, рецидивист и просто идиот... Забанил всю"пачку" czyko-подобных (15 штук) до 23 декабря 2108 года.
  7. Запуск S.T.A.L.K.E.R. под Linux

    Для новичков и не только я порекомендовал бы Убунту. Все, что вы перечислили, там уже есть, включая офис. Для игр нужна седега. Она не бесплатна, но на торрентах есть. Опера доступна с официального сайта. Кстати, собирать дистрибутив из исходников на данный момент я бы вам не порекомендовал. Есть больой риск запутаться и вообще отбить весь интерес изучать новую для вас ОС
  8. What do I download

    Well, you can see what I did yesterday with the latest nightly build You can try putting in any mod, but with anything that wasn't made by AMK Team there is no stable work or support guaranteed.
  9. AMK-EN nightly builds

    There will be no nightly builds for several days as I'm away from Moscow.
  10. What do I download

    If you want stable gameplay with almost everything in English, download AMK-EN 2.0 pack. However, if you want to test out whatever the latest features are, firstly download Russian version of AMK 1.4.1 with the latest patches, then after you have installed AMK, download the latest nightly build of AMK-EN and put it in your STALKER folder. Make sure the game itself is patched to 1.006 version. Please note that it will not provide stable gameplay nor complete English translation.
  11. У Костра I-III

    Гайз, дайте ссылку на распаковщик архивов сталкера (тени чернобыля)? Именно ТЧ нужен. Гугл выдает все только по Clear Sky... Виз, смотри ЛС. ТониТень
  12. AMK Weapon Add-on - WIP

    You mean the new AMK-EN? Look in the nightly builds to get the latest one
  13. AMK-EN nightly builds

    Build date: 19.12.2008 Revision: r108 Changelog: Updated and translated part of the text and dialog files. There's still quite a bit in Russian. Fixed some translation issues an news scripts. Download
  14. AMK-EN nightly builds

    Build date: 17.12.2008 Revision: r102 Changelog: Modified, updated and translated scripts (news and main). Added support for 1.0006 (Xarvius patch). Dialogs are still in Russian, most of them should be in English by next build. Download
  15. AMK-EN sources

    Added new nightly build. (see 'nightly builds' topic) News are in English, everything else is in Russian. This is for testing purposes only, not full release. To test it, you need to have STALKER with 1.0006 patch installed and AMK 1.4.1 with latest patches. Copy the contents of the archive into your STALKER folder. If anyone cross-posts this to GSC forums, it will be much appreciated.