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  1. https://yadi.sk/d/FxHIvFYY3HW78q https://yadi.sk/d/FxHIvFYY3HW78q
  2. Hello. How i can add 2d sampler for dirt lens texture in 1.0007rc1? In x-ray extensions its simple... but in 1.0007rc1 not...
  3. @НаноБот, Where did you get this files?
  4. Please delete PNV shader. I don't want to use my friend work. Sorry. You can use Meltac shaders for NV Scopes. But not this shader. Thank you.
  5. @ed_rez - X-Ray Extensions.
  6. Where?
  7. Spasiba You will credited in my mod (if i release him).
  8. I know it but i mean "engine part" with CoP system. Can you upload your weather system? I dont know how to FULL port of CoP system into my source code. Thank you
  9. Also, maybe you have working CoP weather system in ShoC?
  10. Whats wrong? I'm trying to port CoP weather system into SoC engine. How to port this shit? Spasiba my friends!
  11. Как это сделать? - Объемный костюм - Объемные лампочки - Объемный свет аномалия mr.proper сделал это. Я не знаю, как,,,
  12. How to connect Color Grading to sun? (im trying to make dynamic color grading, with sun)
  13. mr.Proper Вы можете загрузить исходный код???
  14. mr.Proper Can you upload source code? привет. Вы можете загрузить исходный код?
  15. Как сделать компилятор для сталкера SOC (функции DX9 OGSE bokeh dof, shader cache, smaa)?