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  1. AMK Mod - Bug reports

    Well if you think about it if you got the Good ending and destroyed the C - Consceince then there would be no blowouts as the zone would have been put back to normal but i may be wrong and its just a bug lol
  2. What do you want to be included in the next versions of AMK Mod

    ah ok thanks for that i must have missed that then my bad @deadlytrigger may i have a link to the sanex you used? thanks
  3. АMK Mod - General Info

    cool glad to see the patchs are just flying off you guys really are amazing
  4. What do you want to be included in the next versions of AMK Mod

    One small thing i would like would be a level changer from cordon to darkvalley as you can go from dark valley to cordon but not the other way around and it would make my game better as the dark valley is a very rich place to be i have spent about 10 days there just raiding the bandits etc and also trying to kill the controllers that always appear there thats all i can think of now
  5. AMK Mod - General Discussion

    yeah the mod is awesome its easliy the best mod out by far what your doing for the community is awesome thanks alot amk and amk - EN team its great to have such great modders around like yourselves